About the Precious and me.

Me and my doggies:

My name is Katrine I am 47 years, and share my life with my 3 fabulous papillons , 2 females and a male, and I own a cat and a horse.

I am 47 years, and own 3 papillons. In 2007 I bought my first dog, it completely changed my life. I love my best freind and true love “Kalua” a female, who had a litter in 2011.

From that litter, I kept a male and female, a litter of 6. Since then I have been sharing my life with theese beauties. I Train very high level obedience , previous some agility. I like to show them for conformation also, as the get older, its not often anymore. I go for High quality in all aspects of dog life, I don not go for second best, I dont do anything half.

Dogs are the center of life, and what else happens is planned around them. I only had one litter in 2011, basically because I wanted a dog for myself from my female. I dont like to sell dogs, since I see them as my precious babies. I will only breed if I need to keep one myself. Along with the dogs, I have a cat, and a horse and have trained horses for many years earlier. I plan to buy a Show dog within the next couple of years.

I have a long education, as Coach, teacher, adult teacher, Administration and Human Ressource. I also have a lot of degrees in spiritual coaching. I read A LOT, and will never stop learning, I am a bit of a nerd and go deep searching for knowledge – also in animal behavior, animal communication, and feeding. I have my own company.

My daily life:

In daily life most of my free time is spent with my animals. I have a cat that is a part of the pack, they are all freinds and I train them all using positive reeinforcement.