Breeding the Precious

Litter 2011:

LITTER 2011:

I had a beautiful litter of 6 fabulous puppies in 2011, 2 I kept, and 4 sold to loving homes, where they live in luxury. I only want to breed high quality and only if I need to keep a dog, I do not like to sell dogs as I get very attached to their beautiful personalities. In time I might offer a stud dog, for now my male is not offered for stud. Se images of the 2011 litter and their families below.


Stud males:

I have often been asked if they can use Kokos for stud, because of his super looks, colours, but mostly his extrarordinary super cudly outgoing personality. He is not available for stud, but maybe in time we will have another dog available – only time can tell !I work for healthy dogs with outgoing confident personalities, with all health checks and tests as my current dogs. Remember breeding is not about money, but for the healthy individuels, both in litters produced and stud offered. Way to often it is seen that bredders offer stud with health issues, or bad structure that will effect the litter and lower the quality of the breed and not the opposite. Fortunately there is also good breeding out there.