My name is Katrine, I am the happy owner of 3 dogs of the papillon breed – FCI group 9.

My passion for animals is like my destiny. I have always had animals as a kid, I trained Icelandic horses for many years, and had cats, Chinchilla, Gunea pig, Rabbit etc. My first dog I got as adult. It was well planned, I visited shows, red about breeds, called breeders. I fell for the description of the papillon – as a highly intelligent and trainable dog, since I am used to train animals since chilhood I knew training would be a must.

I got my belowed Kalua in year 2007, she has been my best freind in all ever since. She is elite level obedience, and can do all sorts of tricks. We attended agility for some years, but she had a leg accident and I never did attend again, though we do a little for fun.

In 2011 came a litter of 6 fabulous puppies, and I kept two, Kokos and Koffee, fun with perfect temper, and they bless daily life here.

I live in a small city “Farum” outside Copenhagen. Here we have forests, beach, and many opportunities for the dogs to have an active life. I am 46 years old, and work as an adult teacher, and I have my own company with therapy. I am very enthusiastic about the breed, and I do a lot of activities in form of obedience, agility, trips, and I also arrange activities for small dogs.

My dogs are the most precious in my life, and every move is sorounded around their well being and needs. I cherish every moment we shere together.

I train obedience and agility and other activities with the dogs, and are actively showing also. Our dogs live a happy free life, Where they on a daily basis have a lot of experiences, and lots of attention. They move around where ever they want, and live as normal family members. They are rarely alone, and are babysitted on work days.

They spent their days playing, dogtraining, handlertraining, and of course daily forest trips. I also ride horses , train my own, and then WE ( me and the dogs) adopted a fantastic cat who lived in the park, but came to eat the Hedgehogs food, apparently she wanted a home, and thats what she got, her name is Krymmel and she loooooves the dogs, and walk trips with us !

I bring my dogs everywhere, the way I like it. In other words everyday life is based on their needs.

I feed BARF principles, they get a raw diet and sometimes a little prepared meat and veggies. I Strive for the best, and aim for the best, both in lines we harve and breed, looks, health, and daily well being.

At this page you can see photos, and read about my dogs. We only had one litter, and will only have a litter if we plan to keep a dog from that litter, the plans will be based on a certain look, temperment and health we want, and will be a long time planning, we strive for quality, and will use some of the best lines in the world. We use all restrictions and recommandations from the the kennel club. We have a small dog shop attached , where we sell dogstuff, and dogfood. A papillon is a small dog, that leaves huge pawprints in your heart.

Welcome and enjoy – Best Katrine