The precious breed Papillon


Papillons are among the top 10 most intelligent. When you own one you never doubt their intelligence, they love to learn and love to cooperate. Papillons are not suitableto be only a lab dog, or only for shows, they need activities to stimulate their smart ass !


As the only breed they smell only of the shampoo you used last. They do not have the smelly cells in their delicate body that causes smell. No smelly wet dogs here, there or anywhere !


My papillons eat raw food, raw meat and vegetables, and also some prepared meat and veggies, cooked or fried sometimes. In between they get a little Kibble typically mornings. They get training goodies also. Papillons thrive best on raw meat and veggies, fruit etc. Their digestive is matched with raw meat, veggies, oil.


The breed has problems with loose kneecaps, and you need to make sure your breeder has checked generations for the illness. You want a dog to run free and have fun, not one that need complicated surgery. For many years breeders has checked eyes to prevent blindness from “pra” an eye illness, and now DNA tests are available. All mine are tested free through DNA tests. All my dogs and parents are checked for all breed specific health issues.