Her favorite toy is her big football, and we play with it every day, but she also always have something in her moth when we play, a sqeeky toy, a leaf, a stick.

Kalua is over the top intelligent and at elite level in obedience, doing all from distance command, to runnning to field, finding way and loads more. She also knows all agility commands !

Kalua is my first dog, and also the one that made me fall in love with the bree, because of her fantastic personality and our connection. She is the smartes most loving soul I know. She is super skilled in training, know all agility commands, but stopped because of an inury. We have attended obedience for many years, and she is at leve elite class. She is super pretty an intelligent, she can guie you home if you get lost in the forest and know many many commands and words. Kalua is my soul, so the day she will not be here, my life will never be as good and a piece of me gone forever. Kalua is the best that ever happened in my life – EVER !

Kalua is also super freindly toward other dogs and plays with our house tiger an eat with my horse. She is my cuddle – gives me big kisses – More loving soul I can not imagine. She is my soul dog !